Confessional Languages at MLC

Studium Excitare seeks to further the study of the confessional languages at Martin Luther College.

To this end, the journal has been adoped by the faculty of the Studies in Pastoral Ministry (SPaM) as the official publication of the confessional language track. This "track" is an academic program in which SPaM students take courses in both Latin and German, in addition to the required langauges Greek and Hebrew.

The creators and editors of Studium Excitare believe that a robust confessional language program is essential to maintain quality theological leadership in the Wisconsin Synod. We hope to encourage all confessional language students with this publication. For those considering the enrolling at MLC in the SPaM program, we wish to encourage you to strongly consider putting your skills to use in the study of confessional languages.

Students sometimes question what they are learning by saying, "When am I ever going to use this?" We hope that this journal illustrates that skills in the confessional languages can be used already at MLC, and most certainly beyond the college and into the seminary and the ministry. These skills not only benefit the academic pursuit of the individual, but through a publication like Studium Excitare, those skills can be put to use to edify and encourage the entire MLC student body.

It is our sincere hope that this journal be a positive contribution to the student body of MLC.